Maintenance and spare parts services

Maintenance services

Dae-Tek Oy's own heavy machinery repair shops are located in Kerava, Tampere and Turku.

The Kerava repair shop currently employs six installation specialists, two field mechanics and two managers. Clients are served in Turku by two installation specialists. The operations of the Kerava and Turku units are the responsibility of regional maintenance manager Seppo Kankaanpää. The Tampere repair shop employs four installation specialists, one of whom can carry out field maintenance if required. Operations in Tampere are overseen by the regional maintenance manager.

In addition to our own workshops, our clients are served by an extensive network of maintenance partners throughout Finland.

You will find the contact details of Dae-Tek's maintenance network here.

Spare parts services

Dae-Tek Oy's spare parts operations are based in its centre in Kerava at Huhtimontie 10-12.

Kerava is home to its central warehouse for all of Finland and receives new supplies from all of the companies we represent every day. Spare parts are forwarded to clients all over the country from here.

In addition to its manager, the Kerava spare parts unit employs three spare parts salesmen and one warehouse worker.

A spare parts salesman is also employed at the Tampere centre of operations, who oversees supplies in the Tampere and Pirkanmaa regions. The spare parts warehouse in Tampere forms part of the central warehouse of the importer.

Spare parts services are also provided throughout Finland as part of the sales network of Doosan.


You will find the contact details of Dae-Tek's maintenance network here.